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By Dan W

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  1. Gregory W

    Gregory W
    Belleville, IL

    Thank you Team Titleist
    I received them in the mail last week. Heading to Phoenix this week and plan to give them a try. I have been switching back and forth between the left dash Prov1x and AVX for the last year. Hoping that this generation will be my gamers all the time
  2. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    Outstanding performance notwithstanding, I'm finding the AVX Test to be even more durable than the previous model.

    I just played two round with one ball and there isn't a speck on it. I had to redraw my Sharpie marks twice...but the ball looks like it just came out of the sleeve.

    It's amazing that Titleist manages to improve the AVX product year after year. Anyone who is looking for ProV1 apex, descent angle, and carry numbers but with a little less spin is going to be very, very pleased.

  3. WxManMike

    Kennebunk, ME

    I would also like to thank Titleist for sending me the AVX prototypes.

    I am encouraged to read the responses to the new ball!

    My main attraction to it was the lower trajectory where I play in ocean sea breeze situations often.

    AVX Gen 2 was a bit soft for me, but I understand that is part of the tradeoff. I am encouraged to read some think it is a bit firmer, which is good with me so long as the trajectory stays close to what it is now.

    Unfortunately, I am buried in snow, and it may be spring before I get to try them out.

    Thank you, Titleist for continued R & D! Now we need our own AVX hats and gear.
  4. I received my Christmas surprise with the 2 sleeves of Titleist AVX. That was a nice gift to test these out. I normally play Chrome Soft and on occasion I will play Pro V1s. I expected the AVX to be hard as rocks due to the cold temps and I was wrong; they had a soft feel and had a bit more spin around the greens. Off the tee these seemed to be comparable distance to the Chrome Soft.
  5. Best of both worlds, super sticky with crazy distance. I hope it makes the list!!
  6. Ricki Fowler would be in the game with this ball, I hope he figures it out and tries it. I just know these things, and algorithms like png's ballnamic don't get to my level. This AVX is a groundbreaking ball for the right person. Its slightly pitted, so I'd hit it about 50 times to flatten it out before putting it into serious play. The pits cross the line for rolling the ball true on a fast hard green but flattening it out with some swings makes it perfectly fine. Again, for the right person, this ball is a savior. I guess thats why the A in AVX stands for alternative.
  7. Chris B

    Chris B
    cypress, TX

    Currently playing the ProV1 although still have a few AVX ( Yellow Ball) in my bag. My instructor gave a sleeve of the AVX test balls and look forward to playing.
  8. When does new avx go to retail?
  9. Dan W said:

    I got a Christmas surprise from Titleist - two sleeves of new AVX test balls. I'm a big fan of the AVX, just wish it had a little more greenside spin. Rolled a few on my putting mat and it feels pretty similar to the current AVX, maybe a tiny bit firmer but still soft. Dimple pattern is definitely updated. Pic below has the current AVX on the left and the new one on the right. Looking forward to trying these out!

    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image

    I received the same surprise! I feel bad that, other than some Trackman data, I can't actually do much of a review for 3 or 4 months here in Northern Indiana.
  10. Mike G

    Mike G
    Spartanburg, SC

    Finally got in a few rounds with the test AVX. More spin on greens. (Some positive feedback from playing partners.). Definitely felt softer off the putter. Took a few holes to get dialed in on speed. It is a better ball than the last generation AVX.
  11. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

  12. Don P

    Don P
    Huntsville, AL

    I also received 2 sleeves of the 2022 AVX test balls. I’ve played several rounds with the new ball and really like it. I especially like the soft feel off the putter. Distance with the driver and irons seems to be comparable to the older AVX but I feel like the response around the green is better. Unfortunately I have misplaced the box & response card with the QR code. Hopefully somebody from TT will read this & send me a new code. Thanks TT for this opportunity to test the new AVX.
  13. That's crazy! Hope you enjoy them!
    I love the old Avx maybe I'll have to try them for sure
  14. For those who have been lucky enough to test the new gen AVX - how have you found the trajectory to be? I've played a couple AVX's here and there and while I love the feel and greenside performance, I didn't get along with the lower trajectory compared to Prov1x and a couple other balls I played frequently. I would assume the new gen AVX still maintains that lower flight but just curious if anyone has seen anything different in their testing.
  15. Hi and thank you for the opportunity to test the new AVX golf balls. 14° here in CT so nothing outdoors going on. I putt around with the new golf balls and too soft for me. I also hit them on Trackman at a lesson but would still stay with the firmer ball I use. I need all the yards I can get. I just use a firm golf ball, usually the ProV1 x. I’ve read all about the new golf balls and it appears to be a great upgrade for those that use a AVX. I look forward to any future testing I get to do. The packaging was awesome and I appreciate you sending them to me.
  16. steve a

    steve a
    Carlsbad, CA

    I finally had my chance to play the new AVX. I played on both a hot and a cold day as the weather was variable. The biggest difference I noted between the old AVX and the new was spin. I don't get much back spin with the older AVX's partly due to the harder greens I play on but the new AVX most definitely had a higher spin and more back up potential. When the greens get hard I usually have to go play the PRO V1 to get some more green holding capability but now I can just stick with the new AVX and get the kind of green response I desire. It felt like the new AVX may have been a bit softer than the old. I get some great action on the ball with my short pitch shots. I can more easily hit the hit bounce once and stop shot that is so fun to watch. It may be my imagination but I also feel like the new ball is a bit softer with the putter as well. A bit quieter sound off the putter and a softer feel. With the driver I like the low spin and extra yards I gain with the AVX. I did not see any difference between the two balls there. Mainly with the putter and the irons and the increased spin. I approve of this ball and will continue to use it over the other Titleist balls which are also excellent but I'll stick with the AVX for now.
  17. Finally got a chance to play with the new generation avx. Off the driver it seemed to have a little lower flight than previous generation. Distance appeared to be about the same. Off the irons it felt a little softer, had a nice flight, but so did the old ball. Holds line in the wind really well. The biggest difference to me was the dispersion, the new ball was closer to the target all day long and for that reason I say great job titleist, you took a really good ball and made it better. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this test.
  18. When will the new avx be available?
  19. David P

    David P

    I’d love to try these out please TT ️‍♂️
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