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By JCope

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    Any TT guys know if Scotty offers the fitting and stuff like you can get with the Bob Vokey? Where you can go meet and get the perfect fit and everything?

  2. Rob_Roth1
    Titusville, NJ

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    Yes you can do a fitting here:
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    ummmm bad link, but i will search Scotty website once more.
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If you search from above for clubs/putters, there is also a list of SC Showcase Partners. My "local" one does all the electronic measurements that make a difference.
  5. Rob R
    Chicago, IL

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    I did get fitted at Scotty's Studio Store in Encinitas, CA last spring. The fitting is not done by Scotty himself but the fitters are tour level. My fitting was very cool, informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I bought a new putter and had the specs I received from the fitting applied to it. Love the putter and it has not been put in time out since I started using it a year ago.

    I do recommend booking your fitting as soon you can figure out dates the you can make it to the gallery. Fittings do fill up fast.

  6. Rob_Roth1
    Titusville, NJ

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    There schedule is booked until july!!!
  7. Joey L
    Chico, Ca

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    I went last year but having Scotty as the fitter was not an option like the Bob Vokey experience that is available.
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    Wow, already booked through July!! Yea I am trying to decide on dates or if its worth it.

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