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By PMichael

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  1. First off I'd like to say thanks to all who comprise of this great community. I'm just getting back into the swing of golf after a 13 year hiatus. I've always been a Titleist fan, so much of my recent research has landed me here... The quest in question was for a "new" set of irons. Being a father and sole provider for my family, on a not so large income, the term "new" is only relative to the clubs being mine. I picked up a set of 690.MB's on Ebay for less than $150, in great condition. I also found a cheap incomplete set of 681s, but were in far worse condition than anticipated, and I had to return them. I did like the feel of them over the 690s however... So I was ultimately in search of some 681s. After hitting the 690s well, and losing a couple Ebay auctions for some over priced, well-worn 681s I gave up, and accepted the 690s.

    I ALMOST!!! gave up I should say. I then came across a set of "Brand New 681s" from a pro shop in Great Britain. The pro shop owner said they had been forgotten about and left in the back of the shop from when a Titleist rep was there some years ago. I paid about 5x more than what I wanted to, but I hope they'll be worth it. At this time, these beauties are in transit from overseas, and I couldn't be anymore anxious to lay hands on them.

    Let me know what you all think. If I made a wise choice to snag these, or should I maybe have gone with something like the 716 MB's.

    Here are a few pics for everyone.

    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. John p

    John p
    Redmond, WA

    You made the "deal of the day"! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set of 670's and haven't looked back. Congratulations!
  3. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    The 681 is a GREAT feeling club. I however would have expected that after a 13 year break from the game you might have given yourself a break and looked at a set of AP2s or even CBs. They are much, much for forgiving than the 681s.

    Good luck with the new clubs and welcome back to the game.
  4. Joey L

    Joey L
    Chico, Ca

    They’re beautiful! I’d say it all depends how they feel and how you hit them. Anything is better then not playing, so enjoy. How are you going to accessorize them? What metals do you have or will you get? What bag? What putter?
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Museum quality. Being MBs, there won't be a great deal of difference from 716s. One could make the argument about getting fitted, shaft selection, etc If you're comfortable with the shot shape/launch, they should give you years of enjoyment. I wouldn't have paid more for these than 716s and you might need new grips, but they are beauties.
  6. Keith S

    Keith S
    Enid, OK

    Looks goods. My favorite blades

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