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  1. Wow, a lot of interesting comments. I'm all for the option to let the Pros wear shorts. There was one comment about wearing the same clothes as Harry Vardon did way back when, so for the traditionalists out there, let's go back to the coat and tie. I also think that there are a lot of T/T members that don't like bifurcation of the rules, so why two standards regarding dress. If us weekend players get to wear shorts and a polo shirt why can't the Pros? One comment was about wearing shorts at the Masters awards ceremony. I agree, that would look a bit weird. So maybe let each Tour event establish their own requirements. I think shorts at the Waste Management event would fit right in with all of the festivities that they have. So, if golf is for ALL golfers and the weekenders get to wear dress shorts and polo, then let the Pros do the same.

    Mark F
  2. Josh35

    Denton, TX

    I like pants because it looks more professional
  3. BCH


    I would like to see the pros play comfortably. Makes sense to allow shorts. Being from the south, in the hot summer months, it is just about dangerous to wear long pants in 100° weather and 97% humidity.

    In the end, give them the choice to choose and I think a majority would go for shorts.
  4. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    To each his own. Maybe it's just growing up at the Jersey Shore, but shorts here is a must in summer. I work at a course all summer and wear shorts. The rangers wear shorts, the starter wears shorts. But if you must wear long pants, have at it.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. I'm in the pro-shorts camp. No professional golfer is going to show up looking like a slob in some cutoff blue-jean shorts. I don't consider the women any less professional just because they're wearing shorts or skirts.
  6. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Interesting topic!
    I think long pants is part of a golf professional. And to make it 100% bring back the metal spikes!
    I remember when I caddied back in the days on tour, you could hear Simon Dison arriving at the golf course.. Grrtt, Grrtt, Grrrt, Grrrt... was the lovely sound of fresh metal spikes in front of the players lounge.
    Darren Clarke was famous for this too, lovely to watch.

    Short pants... well... I think it's one of those "old fasion" rules like "women and dogs not allowed on the golfcourse" that needs attention.

    You see players these days on the PGA Tour and PGA European Tour now playing practice round and pro-am's in short.

    Perhaps interesting to share:
    The rules for caddies are simple:
    You only allowed to wear the following color shorts:
    White, Navy(Dark) blue, black, grey, brown, shorts. Any other color is not allowed and result in penalty.

    During the KLM Open (The nation color of the Netherlands is orange).
    So I wear orange shorts... resulted in warning from the rules official and European Tour office.

    During a tournament in Sweden (The nation color is Blue/Yellow).
    So I wear light blue shorts with yellow polo (FJ).. resulted in last warning from the rules official and European Tour office.

    You kinda start thinking... ok after 2 official warnings wearing the wrong color shorts you have to change right?
    I guess NOT! I found this ridiculous.

    So when playing in Denmark, I wear RED short pants. And you probably guessing.. resulted in?
    PENALTY 250,- euro FINE ! Given to my PLAYER not me!

    When playing in Spain... I was wearing the Spanish colors again. Yellow shorts with red polo (FJ).
    PENALTY 250,- euro FINE! Given to my PLAYER AGAIN and not me!

    How sick this rules are? So then I started setting up social media... telling them what the rules officials tell me.. about not equilaity etc.

    Then in Dubai... one of the largest events on tour. Guess what... my player mentioned... you going to wear any colored shorts this week? So we made an agreedment, that we had to do something about this.
    During the opening round I was wearing like PINK color shorts. When I am talking about PINK... I am talking about lady PINK... you had to see the awefullness faces on the teebox from the rules officials.
    Guess what, after the round.... only this time I was prepared. Right about when given a fine penalty again 250,- my player walked in with a budge of media journalist.

    The rules officials and tour office staff immediately asked the media to leave. Guess what... no way!
    But I was prepared, again the speach about non equality... like caddies come from the slaves century etc. shoud not wear any attractive colors.. this way more attention to the caddie then the player etc. etc.
    Only this time I recorded it...

    The penalty was withdrawn... also given a 1000,- euro bonus cheque from the previous matters and not to speak about it anymore.

    The rule about color shorts is still there today unfortunately. Hope this will change in the near future ahead.

    If you have any further questions, comments.. you know where to find me.


  7. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    I am on shorts side for when temps get 90 or higher and I can win this argument in 2 words thanks to this year and Instagram:

    Phil's calves. (Boom)
  8. William E A

    William E A
    Ponte Vedra Beach,, FL

    vurich said:

    If you made the rules, would you allow pros the option to wear shorts in tournaments? I'm torn between tradition and comfortability. But the reality is, every year gets hotter. It's now a question of health. What do you think? Thanks! #TeamTitleist!

  9. Rob V

    Rob V
    Vancouver, WA

    I vote to maintain long pants. It just looks much more professional. Long golf pants are very thin and personally I do not notice much difference in comfort between pong pants and shorts.
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    How about asking a pro who has to walk four days in the southern swing when the heat index is 100+ and they are in the final group on Sunday. Shorts would definitely be welcome at 3pm in the afternoon. We are looking at it from playing one day and most likely from riding in a cart. I have been to the St Jude in Memphis and have played there in the summer months on the old Colonial course and the heat index was over 120*. I have a lot of respect for these guys who can go out and do this four days in a row. They do not always get morning rounds. Play good and you play in the heat of the day.....I would be interested in their opinion. Sometimes more clothing is better. I use to work on a farm and my Grandfather wore long johns in the summer (in the south) under his long sleeve shirt. Said it kept him cool. Wore big hat, well covered from the sun when we worked in the hay fields....sunup to sundown.....guess two ways to look at it....personally this old country boy wants his shorts.....with respect to all choices...
  11. THuhn

    Saint Johns MI

    I'm in the shorts camp on this. I think the pros would respect the Masters and the other Majors by wearing pants. I don't think such a tradition is in place or needed for events like the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. I think it will happen eventually anyway as the younger generations take over the tour.
  12. They wear shorts in collegiate golf and it doesn’t distract or take away from the tradition. I think the pants look better but when it’s 90 degrees outside with 80% humidity shorts win every time.
  13. I am ok with the PGA not allowing shorts.
  14. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    I think the way it is set now where you an wear shorts in the practice rounds and then pants once the tournament begins .The clothing suppliers for the players are always coming out with new designs to keep the players cooler when playing so the clothing has also evolved along with balls and clubs..
  15. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    started watching the European Tour Alfred Dunhill Classic from South Africa and due to the extreme heat and humidity they allowed the players to wear shorts..when I first turned it on I thought I was watching a amateur event.I would say about 40% were in shorts.but on the second day about 80% were in shorts..after awhile you pay any attention to what they are wearing..but then you start looking to see if anyone has any calf development to rival Phil's ...I need to get out more..
  16. Aaron


    Everything evolves clubs balls etc i dont see why wearing some type of clothing shouldn't evolve either. I get the whole traditional thing but come on its 2019 not 1950 I'm all for shorts 100%. Not that I get to wear them much in Scotland hahaha
  17. Scott D

    Scott D

    Long pants more professional. I’m also thinking back a few months when Justin Thomas showdown the picture on the incision and surgery done on his leg. No sense giving skin cancer a place to start.
  18. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I also watched the Sunshine Tour tournament in South Africa this weekend and figured this post would resurface. One interesting comment was made by the announcers that some of the professionals themselves opted to wear long pants because they were not in favor of the casual look. I also couldn't help but notice the lack of perspiration and how comfortable the golfers looked, even those in long pants and/or dark colors. I remember seeing summer golf on TV in August at a few locations where their cotton outfits were soaking wet and many of the guys had wet towels around their neck. This modern clothing material is so much better that whatever they wear is light-years better than the stuff we had in the 70's-90's.
  19. Tosh.


    Watched the South African dunhill champ at the wkend and they had shorts on!
    Did look odd though.
  20. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I fish Bass Tournaments in 90+ heat and we wear long sleeves but it is the new material, light weight & I hardly break a sweat. Some even wear face masks so they don't get skin cancer up there either. Most of us do wear shorts fishing, but some still wear pants and seem comfortable.

    I think golf could easily follow with all this new material and make the golfers more comfortable in the heat and maintain long pants.

    I don't oppose shorts but like I said before, I can't see putting on the Green Jacket with shorts on, it doesn't seem right visually.

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