Did You Receive The Latest Test Golf Balls?

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By Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

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  1. Team Titleist,

    As you might be aware we sent out a surprise sleeve of prototype golf balls to a few of you to test.

    This product testing and validation that we are asking you to be part of is an essential part of bringing our golf balls to the market and we value every bit of feedback that you provide us with. 

    We hope that you have had time to play the prototype golf balls over the last few months as we are very excited to hear what you think. Please share your stories and experiences with the prototype golf balls below.

    Don't worry! For those people that didn't receive them this time make sure you visit the following link and complete the form to ensure you are considered for any future golf ball test panels: https://www.titleist.co.uk/golf-ball-testing

    Many thanks,


  2. A very good overall ball, very happy with them and would love to know what it was as I’d like to game it.
  3. Prototype ball proved more consistent in short game and especially putting, would change from Tour S model
  4. loved the prototypes and i have completed the feedback survey. Would love to know what the prototypes were
  5. Was lucky enough to be sent a sleeve and tried them out on my course links style, I must say I was very happy with the results it flew straighter and landed softer and stopped quicker than my usual prov1 and off the putter it started to roll sooner which helps to keep it online.
  6. Loved testing the Titleist Prototype ball at Alnmouth Golf Club. Superb short game feel and feedback, and the ball was a revelation on the putting green, with outstanding distance control. Long iron and driving performance very similar to cally Chrome Soft, but most testing was done on the short game, as I didn't want to launch the protos into the North Sea !!
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  7. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Hi Hannah,, Just clicked the link again to make sure I was still registered for product testing but an error keeps popping up....It keeps asking me to select "State".
  8. Paul C

    Paul C

    Hi Hannah,

    Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones but haingonly joined here within the past fortnight I suspect I was a bit late for this round.
    I have completed a form recently tough so am I good for next time (hopefully) or should I complete it again?


  9. BR

    Dundalk, Louth

    Hi Hannah unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, maybe next time .
  10. As I got older & swing slowed , 70 yrs, I looked for a softer less spinning ball than ProV1 I had always played & opted for cally Supersoft , but in comparison with prototype would happily change back as I got a bit more feel & distance back
  11. I was lucky enough to receive the balls and I seen good improvement from 50yds in from my Bridgestone e6 but from about 160 inwards they didn’t sit as quickly and the sound off the club face on driver and long irons was a bit “dead”
  12. Hi Declan,

    I am not sure where you are getting that error from, is this the link you were having issues with? As 'state' doesn't appear when I click on it.


    Let me know and I'll have a further look into it if it is still happening.



  13. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Hi Hannah,

    I think I was logged in on Titleist.com and when I clicked the link it asked for a state.. It's all working great now thanks a million.
  14. Gordon S

    Gordon S
    Glasgow, 0

    Very pleased with this test ball. I play with cally Chrome Soft and really could not see any difference between these balls. My only concern is that I have played all during the summer with the Chrome Softs and only tested the Titleist ones during this winter - colder, softer and more moist conditions.
  15. David B

    David B
    Hook, Hants

    Likewise Gordon S, very similar to Chromesoft although I thought the Titleist was more durable on the cover.
  16. Jim A

    Jim A
    Crossgates, 0

    Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Would love to know what the ball was.
    The ball flew much straighter than normal but i had difficulty in spinning the ball from short distances. I would not hesitate putting the ball in my bag.
  17. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    Didn’t realise there was a form to fill in. It worked fine for me.
  18. Tested these ball for a few weeks now and I must say inside 100yds they were brilliant!! But I did think they were too soft off the driver face and a bit too spinny with the driver too. Would guess they are not a premium ball. I lost a bit of yardage off the tee also but overall I was pleased with how they performed
  19. Brian Parnell

    Brian Parnell
    Ferndown, 0

    Kept going back to this ball regardless of which ball I used, so must perform for me all round.
    Particularly liked its short game performance/from 100yds in with its control and putting performance/distance as compared to a 1/1* (they putt a foot shorter)
    This may be the new AVX ball yet to be announced in the UK and if so, I hope it will priced competitively (so it goes into my bag) rather than on a par with 1/1* pricing.
  20. Mark Dorsett

    Mark Dorsett

    I got my test balls in the post on the same day as a speeding ticket - regardless I was grinning from ear to ear ! I got 3 rounds in on the Valley Course at Greetham Valley GC before the survey arrived and very pleased with the balls and the scores. Like many others I play the Chrome Soft and more recently Chrome Soft x and found little difference. Maybe a bit shorter off the tee but certainly better on approach shots and around the green. I did notice in a strong wind that perhaps the ball was more suseptable to the elements. So yes I would probably switch but tery curious to know where the ball fits in the Titleist hierarchy and at what price point. Finally sincere thanks for including me in the program.
  21. richard f

    richard f

    I wernt one of the lucky ones this time , but who knows what the future holds
  22. David K

    David K
    normanton, 0

    I play chromesoft and think this is longer off the tee but not so controlled around the green.. but springs off the putter !!
    Post Image
  23. Richard F

    Richard F
    Chingford, 0

    Hi Hannah! I liked this ball - it launched well and tended to fly straighter than my normal ball (my natural shot is a slight draw). It felt soft on and around the green and for shots 60 yards. My only criticism would be it didn't stop as quickly on short punchy wedge shots. It felt really nice off the putter though and I holed a lot of putts with this ball.
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