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By Denis C

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  1. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    I used the truefeel for the first time yesterday as I don't want to lose and ruin Pro V1's in the winter. I really couldn't tell much difference at all! It had a slightly different sound off the driver but went very similar distances. Same distances for my irons down to around 9 iron. I, like most, noticed a drop off in spin from PW to all other wedges but liked putting with them as the felt easier on winter greens, although my local course, Greetham Valley is still in great condition. I also really liked the additional lines on the ball. Very good ball and highly recommend as a cheaper alternative in the winter months.
  2. Harry W

    Harry W

    I picked up a dozen of the Trufeel ( my usual ball is a Prov1 ) as I thought I would try them out over the winter months. played them for the first time yesterday and must say they performed well in the colder conditions, I felt they were slightly longer off the tee and also my iron shots were more in line with the carry distances I was getting during the summer with the ProV1s.
    Hard to say about holding the greens as course is very wet currently but seemed fine.
    Once I got used to the softer feel and sound off the putter face I putted very well with them.
    So all in all a very good ball particularly at the price point they are at and while I won’t be giving up the ProV1s as my preferred ball I will certainly be using the Trufeel during the colder months.
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