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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi TT,
    Lucky to be picked for this.
    Can’t wait to test/trial the prototype bag during December.
    Think it may need to be stadry with all this rain we’ve been getting, it’ll surely get a good outing on the north east coast.
    Photos to follow

  2. James M

    James M

    Hi Luke
    I would love to test a bag I currently use a tour bag and carry bag in winter thanks James
  3. James M

    James M

    Normally use a tour bag but in winter use the stay dry player 4 bag in black as most courses prefer you to carry especially at the minute
  4. Stop now! The people have already been picked.

  5. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    I think they need to lock this thread or it will start to resemble the comments section of a YT video
  6. Brian C

    Brian C
    Perth, Perthshire

    Hi Luke,

    I'm a regular winter golfer, usually at least once a week, as we're fortunate that our club is great at keeping the full course open all year round - I don't mind cold/wind/rain, only bad snow stops play!

    I switch up between carry and cart bags, I have a Players stand bag from a couple of years ago and a mini Staff bag from last year - I'd be very happy to carry this winter to help test the next gen bags.

  7. Please read the whole thread! If you did you'd know this is over now and the bag teamsters have been picked.


  8. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Happy testing to those involved!

    Post some pics if you can to keep us all updated!
  9. spell checker is awesome!!! :P
  10. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi Luke, I'd be happy to trial a stand bag if selected, currently playing around three times a week, I carry my clubs through the winter currently using the Players 4 Stand Bag which I love because its lightweight and practical.


  11. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    congrats all that were picked. I'm in the market for a new bag after Christmas so interested to see what's in the pipeline for Titleist.
    Happy golfing!
  12. So has anyone received a bag yet?????
  13. Alex said:

    So has anyone received a bag yet?????

    yeah back in November/December off the top of my head - been playing a lot in all weathers over the winter period but love it and may have to upgrade mine when it goes back!!!

    Not too sure I can say a lot more than that at the minute
  14. Alex said:

    So has anyone received a bag yet?????

    Cheers for getting back. Only one that did thank you
  15. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Sorry Alex missed your question as too busy out on the course with the bag.. They arrived beginning of December unfortunately NDA'd but rest assured positive and negative feedback to Titleist.
  16. Chris T

    Chris T

    Anyone know when the news bags will be out?? The Staff bag has been out for a while and I was hoping we’d see the rest of the range follow soon after. I’m told February maybe but not confirmed??
  17. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Hi Chris, a post was made yesterday with the 2020 catalogue inc bags etc. You can download and view all the new items there
  18. I kinda wish I was picked for the bag testing on the premium carry bag.

    I said when I got this bag pictured that my ap1's were hitting the ground, the water bottle pick was too tight but a better design than the 2020 version.

    Did Titleist make the mini legs longer for 2020?

    I think changing the strap system was a must and I'm glad to see all the 2020 line has a new strap system. The old one single strap thing was a good idea but in practice really didn't work at all.

    I still love my premium carry bag but would love to compare it to the new one.
    Post Image
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