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Titleist Golf Ball Experience

Last Friday, March 9, I went to the Titleist Golf Ball Experience tour at Ball Plant III. It was nothing short of spectacular. The tour guides were...

Golf Balls


I went to pick up a dozen and they're not to be found. I just bought some before Jan. = no news? Store said replaced...

Golf Balls


I just picked up a dozen TourSoft yellow. I've been a Pro V1x loyalist for years now, but wanted to give these a try. ...

Golf Balls

Velocity Visi-White

Just picked up a dozen Velocity in the new visi-white. Thought it would be a hi viz matte finish, but the finish actually...

Golf Balls

AVX Release

I have been a hardcore fan of Titleist/Footjoy for 20+ years. All of my equipment, gear, and clothing are all Titleist/FJ,...

Golf Balls


I live in east central Illinois and got to play golf this last weekend. It was in the 50’s and I had to play. The whole day I...

Golf Balls

St Paddy Day ProV1

Does anybody know if these are available in any stores or just online? Playing in a St Paddy day outing this...

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