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Custom ball

Every spring I take advantage of the Titleist appreciation buy 3 get on free, free customazation deal. I've always got the same saying. And...

Golf Balls


Hi, I am a 6 handicap but not a fast swinger or long hitter with my irons. I played a prov1x and was surprised by the driver...

Golf Balls

Tour Soft Balls

I finally got around to trying those new Tour Soft Balls as opposed to the Provx and i think I prefer the Tour Soft.....

Golf Balls

AVX cover

Anyone notice the finish on the AVX ball seems to get dull after about 18 holes. Never noticed it on ProV or NXT tour ball. I...

Golf Balls

AVX Golf Ball Review

Really love this AVX review, the author really helped put my thoughts into words. AVX helped me gain a bit of distance and...

Golf Balls

Golf ball numbering

Hey Titleist, I have a question: why does a sleeve of balls contain all the same number? When you empty a new sleeve into...

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