Oldest titleist in the bag?

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By Alex

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  1. Ok so we know titleist clubs have been awesome for a very long time. Do you still have any older titleist in the bag? Cause if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

    I still rock the 913 3 wood 15 degree. The headcover is pretty much had it so I had to upgrade.

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  2. hubert109

    Los Angeles, CA

    I'm still playing with 710 AP2 3-PW that I bought used (but in excellent condition since the owner had trouble hitting them) four years ago. I re-gripped them back in January and had the lie and loft checked, they're still in great shape. That said, I'll probably go for new irons when the 720 comes out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    PS- Get rid of that head cover ;)
  3. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    816 H1 hybrid thats my oldest
  4. Dwayne N said:

    816 H1 hybrid thats my oldest

    Amazing club imo I have the 19 set at the highest loft the thing flys off the turf.
  5. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    Great post! For me, it’s my Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Mil-Spec. First Titleist club I was ever professionally fitted for. Sometime around 2000 I believe. I’ve had a bunch of Scotty’s over the years, but this one always finds its way back into the bag and I will never get rid of it. I was hoping to pass it down to my son, but he’s a righty. Hoping my 7 month old daughter turns out to be a lefty so I can pass it down to her.
  6. JAM


    A Scotty Cameron Napa by Titleist putter, purchased new in 1997. It is in the bag because my gamer, Scotty Cameron Studio Select SSS 340, purchased new in 2005, has not been behaving!
  7. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    I have a Scotty Cameron 009 Beach in the bag that has been in the bag for 7 or 8 years.

  8. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Whenever we're playing longer courses, the 913 5wood is in and the highest lofted wedge is pulled out.
  9. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    816 hybrid has the strap right now. That thing is HOT! I'll have to damage it to get rid of it. It's my 250 club when I need a fairway!
  10. 910fd; I don't use it all that much and can't see dropping a bunch of coin when this is still good for what I use it for. If I'm not hitting driver off the tee then usually hybrid or 4 iron for position. I it this one well off the deck so its still in the bag
  11. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

  12. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I lied. 2015 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select Putter. (Forgot I had that before my AP2s)
  13. I just retired a 59 degree wedge that was the David Duval model from the early 2000’s. I replaced it with a Vokey 58. Needless to say it was a huge upgrade.
  14. Jeff M

    Jeff M
    North Carolina

    I have a 904F 3 wood.
  15. Jeff M said:

    I have a 904F 3 wood.

    If it ain't broke...
  16. Vokey 260.04 wedge and a Scotty Cameron Santa Fe terylem putter.
  17. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    904F 15* 3-wood and Vokey series 200 oilcan wedges 52* 56* 60*. Will be upgrading soon though. It’s amazing how good I still hit that 904F 3-wood.
  18. Sorry totally forgot about my Scotty. Studio Design 5, in the bag since 2005
  19. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    ZB forged irons and 909 hybrids, two of them, 19* and 21*.
    Absolutely great clubs!
  20. JOSHUA M


    983 Driver (8.5 degree) or DCI 990 irons.

    I think the irons are older. Boy do I need to get some newer clubs. :)

  21. Still playing my 909 hybrid, although might be replacing it soon. Time to take advantage of newer technology/materials.
  22. The 818 hybrids with the Evenflow Blue shaftss are sick! Just played them today.
  23. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    2004 Scotty Cameron Red X putter, and an occasional appearance from a 1997 Titleist 975d 3 wood, with Titleist Select Shaft. USED to be my favorite club in the bag, 13.5 degree loft, used it everywhere until it was stolen out of my bag. Had a red Titleist Select Shaft. Never been able to find a copy. Original stolen out of my bag in the bag room.
  24. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    I collect old scotty's and custom them so the flat stick is my oldest...prob oldest is the studio design 1
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