Oldest titleist in the bag?

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By Alex

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  1. Kenneth C

    Kenneth C
    Bellevue, WA

    Vokey 258-08
  2. 714 AP2 Irons and 915HD Hybrids to go with my 917 D3, 917 F2 and Vokey SM7's and the Scotty is from 2015


    910H 21° is my oldest , great 220yd club . I might not use for 2 or 3 rounds, then the next round I'll pull it 10times ( off tee / fairway) . No need to replace it yet.
    Hitemstraight.... madgolfer
  4. John Hollands

    John Hollands
    San Clemente, Ca

    My 714 AP2’s are my oldest. Those compliment my 917/915 metals and my Sm6’s and my Scotty. Someday I’ll consider upgrading, but not yet. They’re very consistent. Wish I could say my swing was the same...just need to play more.
  5. Brad K

    Brad K
    Kirkland, WA

    I just pulled my 962b irons out of the bag last week, but i'm still playing the 906F2 3 wood and 5 wood.
  6. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    My bag is all fairly new except for a SM5 56.10 M wedge. My buddy still has DCI 981 irons. I keep trying to talk him into a new set via a Titleist Thursday fitting. He is just old school and in love with those irons.
  7. David S

    David S
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Before they disappeared during my move, I played with a circa 1991 set of DTRs (Distance Through Research) that my dad gave me a few years after I finished grad school. They were my first Titleists, and my first "modern" play-improvement clubs, complete with metal woods. I do miss those clubs, mainly because of the sentimental value, but also because I haven't replaced them yet. The two old curmudgeons at my former pro shop tried to guess how old they were by the presidential administration in power at the time.
  8. Jason S

    Jason S
    Schofield, WI

    2008 Newport 2 Button back
  9. For me, it's the 712 AP2 set. I think about getting a new set, but I really like them when I hit 'em right!
  10. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Kinda funny, up until 5-6 years ago, everything in my bag was 20 years old. Upgraded to new technology, feels better, think i'm hitting it better, same handicap. Of course, at my level, I don't have the time to REALLY get better. But the new clubs are great!.....
  11. greg p

    greg p
    Chicago 'burbs, IL

    Scotty Red X c.2003. Still my gamer.
  12. Trevor D

    Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

    That would be my 909F2 3 wood. For extra points, it has an original Grafalloy blue X in it, the rarest of unicorns these days.
  13. Still regret selling my scotty Cameron circa no.3. Was in really good condition too. 33" was a little short thought in my defence lol.
  14. Hector R. Fernandez

    Hector R. Fernandez
    Wilmington, NY

    My putter!
  15. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    I've got a Scotty Circa 62 and a 909h 19*.
    I've tried newer putters and just can't get behind them.
    I own a 915h, but for some reason I'm way more consistent with he 909.
  16. Jacob S

    Jacob S
    Melrose, MA

    913hd 5 wood, can't kill it. But with the new TS's it might move out. Wish the TS3's were in LH for a 5 Wood
  17. Im sporting a 905R driver...
  18. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    South Bend, IN

    My 962b's, although they'll transform into MBs for next season. I game my 1960's Bulls Eye several times a year, brings back some great memories.
    I deal in used golf equipment as a side gig, and use that money towards playing golf. I don't like to describe an item I haven't tried, so I'll at least hit a ball or two with whatever I have in stock. Not only has this given me the opportunity to "play" just about every brand you can think of, but to play some amazing Titleist clubs.
    This season I've tried out, and sold, some old Lite 100's, Acushnet persimmon woods, several DCIs, a Dead Center (which I liked so much I kept), some ladies Titlettes (no, I didn't game them, and made sure no one was looking, lol), some Vokey 200s, 975d (which I kept for backup, after all, Tiger won the Masters with his), some half brass/half persimmon Titleists (can't think of the model), and some Titleist persimmons with the plastic insert (didn't like), Pro Trajectories, you get the point.
    Bottom line, technology evolves, but quality is always quality. A wonderful experience, even for a hacker like me.
  19. The oldest Titleist club in my bag is my 910 D2 driver. I really like the feel of this driver, but am more than ready for an upgrade!
  20. 2007 Spin Milled 54* (Red Stamp)
    Found a few at a PGA Superstore in MB and bought 3-4.

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