2020 Golf Goals

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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. Fresh start to a new decade. Fresh start to a new year. Fresh start to a new golf season!

    2019 was a great year of golf for me. I crossed off a few bucket-list courses, shot a new personal best (78 my first round with 100% Titleist sticks!), carded 5 birdies in a single round, and had 3 eagles on the year.

    As far back as I can remember, I've always taken serious time and effort to establish my New Year's resolutions. Knowing a lot of golfers do the same, I created a little golf goals printout for fellow Team Titleist members to do the same: 


    I've filled out mine and pinned them where I can see them every day. I hope I'll be able to check them all off over the course of the year, but if not, the chase will be satisfying enough. 

    Best of luck in 2020 and happy New Year, Team Titleist!

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  2. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Those are some great goals you have established for yourself, Allan.

    2020 Goals:

    * Play 75+ rounds of golf
    * More rounds in the 70's
    * Win a club tournament
    * Get my index below 8.0

  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    1. Improve on health issues. Back and pulmonary. Be able to walk 18 holes again.
    2. Continue to work with teacher on alignment, tempo and basics.
    3. To shoot in 70's on a more consistent basis.
    4. Handicap index to single digit.
    5. Continue to have fun and not set too many goals.
  4. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Play a little more, get a little better
  5. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Great goals Alan!

    My goals

    1. continue to have fun
    2. keep grindin and have fun doing it.
    3. spend less time on driving range and more time on short game and putting
    4. keep HCP in the single digits
    5. after the round, stop talking about how you could've played. It's over, move on!
    6. play more tournaments to work on my nerves.
  6. 1) Straighten my driver out
    2) Be more consistent (too many fats/thins)
    3) Remember that it's only a game. I don't do this for a living.
    4) Have fun and enjoy being outside.
    5) Enter more tournaments to meet new people and play a bigger variety of courses.
  7. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Some of mine are pretty easy because I have them "locked in" already.

    1. Play Teeth-of-the-Dog, Pasatiempo, Kapalua Plantation, and Sheep Ranch.
    2. Exercise enough to stay healthy for playing golf.
    3. Enjoy the game. Recognize you will never play perfect golf.
    4. Treat you family as well as you treat your "Scotty".
  8. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    1. Get stronger

    2. Work on flexibility

    3. Shoot my age
  9. Never made a New Years commitment in regards to golf, but thought this would be the year. My goal is to work in the off season with golf fitness videos 3x a week and see if it translates into lower rounds. Fingers crossed! Happy new year fellow tters!
  10. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    1. Get back to Bandon Dunes.
    2. Practice more.
    3.Play more seriously.
    4. Get the TPI fitness evaluation.
  11. FRED L

    FRED L
    Centerport, NY

    1. Regain lost distance
    2. Lower my scores
    3. Play the Black Course this year
  12. -Multiple club competition wins
    -get index under 12.0
    - break 80 consistently
  13. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Here are mine:

    1.Reduce double bogies

    2. Reduce 3-putts

    3.Break par more often.

    4.Win another city championship

    5.Don't dwell on the bad shots.Move on.

    6.Positive attitude
  14. richard f

    richard f

    To play more and to get my handicap back down again
  15. BRowatt


    Setting aggressive goals since I had such a great 2019.

    Get a Team Titleist Bag Tag

    1. Place Top 5 in 6 out of 8 Tournaments
    2. Win club championship or Players
    3. Handicap below 3
    4. 60 Rounds
    5. Golf 10 new courses
  16. Under the Roof

    Under the Roof
    Mequon, WI

    1. Making sure my wife and I continue with our 9 holes and dinner “date nights”.

    2. Playing more and more with my kids.

    3. Keep learning and working on my game.

  17. Andym076


    2020 goals

    Become injury free
    Break 80
    Reduce 9.9 handicap
    Have more fun
    Hope TT send me stuff
  18. Robert C

    Robert C

    Great thread Allan

    1) Regular practice with a purpose, not just hitting a bucket of balls.
    2) Obtain my Goal of a 12 Index
    3) Break 80 at least once
    4) Play in the October TT event, and plan one local TT event
    5) Introduce 3 new people to the game.
  19. 2020 Resolutions

    1. Continue to travel to play new courses. Hopefully Whistling Straits this May.
    2. Work more on short game.
    3. More strengthening and stretching exercises.
    4. Update my Vokey wedges from 6’s to 8’s.
    5. Walk as much as I can before it gets hot here in Texas.
  20. jeff h

    jeff h
    johnstown, PA

    Break 80
    Finally get a hole in one
    Join a league
    Get my best friend even more into golf
    Find a course a can take my dog
  21. Brent Wells

    Brent Wells
    El Paso, TX

    Goals for 2020:

    1. Practice with a purpose.
    2. Enjoy my time on the course more.
    3. Get my handicap back to scratch.

    Good luck to all on reaching their goals!

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