2020 Golf Goals

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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    * Play more of a quality rounds of golf.
    * To better prepare for my tournaments.
    * Spend meaningful time to practice in all aspects in a schedule.
    * Exercise for flexibility and strength.
    * Leave the course better than I found it.
  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Turning 70, just keeping even is still turning the clock back.
    1. Retire - the best solution to get more than 25 rounds in a year. 60 preferred, 40 is an improvement.
    2. Spend at least 2 - 9 holes per month with wife. See #1 - we need to deal with me home.
    3. Find a course where my Australian Shepherd can walk 18 with me.
    4. Full workouts a minimum of 3 times per week. The best way to ward off aging.
    5. Let the game come to me. I'm not going to out-drive 40 year old partners. Stop trying.
    6. Play at least 2 bucket hole courses every year until I can't. (2020 already lined up)
  3. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    1. Stay focused on the shot in front of me.
    2. Continue to work on my driver.
    3. Work more on the short game aspect.
    4. Continue to leave the course better than I found it (Fix at least 2 ball marks; tap down divots in front of the
    green where balls land short).
  4. JAM


    I lost to my 63 year old brother for the first time in 2019. I will turn 77 this year and my goal is to revert back to my winning ways!
  5. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Stay healthy and have fun.
  6. JAtkins

    Athens, TN

    Golf goals for 2020:
    1. Enjoy watching my son play in his senior season. This is harder than you think.
    2. Break 80.
    3. Par the front or back nine in any round.
    4. Get my first hole in one.
  7. David G

    David G
    Spring Lake

    Where can i get that team Titleist goal sheet?
  8. Goals for 2020:

    1. Play 50 rounds
    2. Play different courses
    3. Break personal best (79)
    4. Be more consistent
    5. Play in first tournament
  9. Enrique C

    Enrique C
    miami Lakes, FL

    Shoot in the 70s more often.
    Reduce my handicap to below 10, currently 12.
    Play more courses
    Work on improving putting. Currently my weakness
    Get a whole in one
  10. Lower my scoring average by 2 strokes
    Practice twice a week
    Play twice a week
    Play a course outside of my City once a month
    Walk 1 round a week
  11. Turning 67 in 2020. Decided to play 2,000 rounds this decade. Started fast. 4 rounds through the 4th! Wonderful wife is rooting me on!!!
  12. Be more consistent.
    Get handicap back under 5
    Shoot in 70’s constantly.
    Play smart
    Have more fun on the links!
  13. Be more consistent.
    Get handicap back under 5
    Shoot in 70’s constantly.
    Play smart
    Have more fun on the links!
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  14. Mark C

    Mark C
    Mooresville, NC

    Just play more....
  15. Spend winter months doing golf fitness exercises and stretching.
    Continue to beat my 18 year old son.
    Work on short game.
    Play to play great, don’t play to not play poorly.
    Win senior city tournament.
    Play in more tournaments.
    Walk more and enjoy every challenge.
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  16. Goal for 2020

    My main goal for all of 2020 is to break 80 from the tips on my home course.
  17. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I'll check swing speed on my swing analyser first and then get a reading from a launch monitor...
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  18. Play more
    Figure out driver
    Improve short game
    Don’t let my mind lock me up
  19. I have been playing this great game for almost my whole life but have never made new years golf goals. I will from now on. This year my goals list looks like this.

    1. Average 30 putts per round

    2. Play 2 top courses in VA and/or NC (combined if need be)

    3. Average 50% or more fairways and greens

    4. Win club Championship
  20. My goal is simple. Play more than I have in recent years.
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