2020 Golf Goals

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By Allan B., Titleist Staff

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  1. Brian D

    Brian D

    79. Just one. Please
  2. - Single digit hdcp
    - Play 48+ rounds
    - Play more new courses
    - More focused practicing
  3. Allan B., Titleist Staff said:

    Fresh start to a new decade. Fresh start to a new year. Fresh start to a new golf season!

    2019 was a great year of golf for me. I crossed off a few bucket-list courses, shot a new personal best (78 my first round with 100% Titleist sticks!), carded 5 birdies in a single round, and had 3 eagles on the year.

    As far back as I can remember, I've always taken serious time and effort to establish my New Year's resolutions. Knowing a lot of golfers do the same, I created a little golf goals printout for fellow Team Titleist members to do the same: 


    I've filled out mine and pinned them where I can see them every day. I hope I'll be able to check them all off over the course of the year, but if not, the chase will be satisfying enough. 

    Best of luck in 2020 and happy New Year, Team Titleist!

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    Hey Allan, great goals you have !!!

    My 2020 Goals :

    - Have Fun
    - Have Fun
    - Have Fun
    - Have Fun
    - Have Fun


    HAVE FUN :)
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  4. I like your goals better...
  5. 1. Commit more time to meaningful practice
    2. Find a coach and begin to take lessons consistently
    3. Break 100
    4. Beat Ethan at the Bradford and sons invitational
  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    My goal for 2020 is trying to figure out the new GHIN app.

    Dr. K
  7. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    Lots of gat goals here, guys! Here is mine. Thanks for the post, Allan!
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  8. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    Get out of this wheel chair and be able to play by mid summer...
  9. Shoot under 100!
  10. Jay-C


    Second year of golf lets go!!!
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  11. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    I just want to move more and eat less. I think doing those 2 things will improve my life. Golf-wise, I know I will never shoot in the 70's and I do not carry an index or handicap so my numerical goals are different than some others. 5 rounds below 88 would be attainable so I'll shoot for that. 50 plus rounds is doable as is adding a few new states to my current list of 13. Having more fun and stressing less is also something I need to improve on the course.



    Don't sell yourself short. Once you start shooting in the 80s, (87,88) 79 is just 3 blowup holes away.
    Madgolfer hitemstraight
  13. 2020 Goals!
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    ALane good luck in Hawaii, make sure to post that scorecard...madgolfer hitemstraight
  15. Whats everyone's goals for 2020. Mines personally are to reduce my handicap to below 10.5 from 15 and to have a lot less 3 putts. What's everyone elses plans for 2020

  16. I want one round with less than 30 putts which is a huge goal.
  17. Colin G

    Colin G
    Tampa, FL

    Thank you Allen B for this! Awesome way to track goals! #TEAMTITLEIST
  18. tyler g

    tyler g
    Colorado Springs, CO

    2020 Goals

    1. 50+ rounds
    1A. Including 10 new courses and 2 private

    2. Take a golf road trip

    3. Play more golf with my 9 year old son

    4. Handicap down to 5 (currently 9.1)
  19. BMcD13

    Dallas, TX

    My goals are:

    1) to get in at least 10 rounds (I have a newborn daughter)

    2) get under 85 (so close!!)

    3) less 3 putts

    4) have more fun playing (it’s just a game!)
  20. greg p

    greg p
    Chicago 'burbs, IL

    Congrats on the new playing partner. And good luck with goal #1.
  21. Manny A

    Manny A
    Staten Island, NY

    Maybe a little aggressive, my 2020 goals are

    Handicap to 9 by 31 Aug. avg drive 245. 65% of fairways hit season long. Avg 13 GIR by 31 Aug. avg 1.5 putts per hole season long. Practice chipping one hour per day 5x per week. No sixes on par 5s. No fives on Par 3s No bogeys with 9 iron or less into green, no blown easy par saves.
  22. 2020 Resolutions

    1. Shoot in the 70's more consistently.
    2. Develop a understanding that you don't always have to go for the home run shot.
    3. Hit more greens in regulation
    4. Remember that it's only a game.
    5. Win my men's league
  23. Bob S

    Bob S
    Louisville, Ky

    1. Play more
    2. Get handicap below 10
    3. More consistency from 100 yds in
    4. Work on 4-10 ft putts
    5. Play more
  24. Allen L

    Allen L
    Clarington, OH

    1. Almost all of my golf partners have died, find some new ones above ground.
    2. Hit more greens in regulation.
    3. Improve distance off the tee.
    4. Improve endurance on foot. After 9 I need a cart, rather walk the back 9 too.
    5. Get contact lenses, glasses drive me nutz.
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